Robots And A Clean Ocean

Robots And A Clean Ocean © GILLES MARTIN-RAGET / ACEA

While racing does not start until 1436 EDT, (watch live on, we have a number of activities ongoing at the Exploration Zone Presented by Fidelity Investments.

Friday morning’s highlight event introduced the Rozalia Project/Clean the Bay, who’s mission is to locate and remove trash from anywhere between the water’s surface and the sea floor. As a local partner of the 34th America's Cup Healthy Ocean Project, this was a good opportunity to see this new technology first hand.

Rozalia’s Science and Education Coordinator Rebecca Inver Moffa brought me up to speed on how they became tied into the America’s Cup World Series Newport. The project has a strong tie to the sailing community. They call ‘America Promise’ home, which is a 60ft Ted Hood Cutter currently berthed in Kittery, ME. This same boat was once owned by Dodge D Morgan. Morgan circumnavigated the globe, non-stop in 1985-1986.

Today, the group set up an interactive demonstration with their remote operated vehicle (ROV) and guests could actually test out their own abilities to control the ROV, collecting trash off the shoreline of Fort Adams. In the crowd we had well known Newport local Martha Parker, owner of Team 1 Newport.

Martha thought the ROV was pretty cool, “It was easier than I thought. I dove a little bit too quickly, had some crashes with the old lobster pot, but they said I was doing ok. I think they were just being kind to me.”

She continued with her thoughts on the efforts of the Rozalia Project, “The concept of what this group is doing is exactly what we have to do going forward. If you think about it, cleaning from the bottom is the way we should be doing it, because then it’s going to make everything on top cleaner.”

You can learn more about the Rozalia Project at: