Guess What's Been 'Discovered'? Episode 48
The inaugural America's Cup World Series has come to the end of it's first season. Next stop, San Francisco -and onwards to the 34th America's Cup!

Since it's inception, the World Series has evolved to become among the most comprensively covered events in the sport.

Groundbreaking technological advances with the introduction of "AC LiveLine" graphics was just one of a number of initiatives introduced to the live outside broadcasts.

The commissioning in July 2011 of the weekly magazine programme America's Cup Uncovered became another global first.

Designed to connect viewers with the people, places and stories that are the backbone of the America's Cup, the programme now has over 50 international broadcast partners and significant online presence at the America's Cup YouTube channel.

In the same way that some of the race rules and features on the race course have evolved since the first World Series Event in Cascais 2011, so too has the weekly programme.

For the 2012 - 2013 season the newly named America's Cup Discovered will continue featuring more in depth athlete profiles as well as the regular behind-the-scenes sneak-peeks for you to enjoy more of the humour and personal side of the sailors lives on tour. A greater respect for our heritage will feature, by very popular request,  more insight into the background and history of the America's Cup.

And as the Bay Area becomes the Bay Arena, we'll be investigating a whole range of the sometimes controversial issues , from technology to the personalities which have made the America's Cup the  fascinating event it has become today. Test your general knowledge with our weekly AC trivia brain teaser and stay up to date with our news and rumours features.

The program producers call it a wonderful opportunity: "But we've only agreed to take on the task in return for full editorial control, and we are relishing the chance to dig deep, ask the questions that have sometimes been overlooked and to reveal the often fragile, human side of the sailors that make up the America's Cup World Series.

"Sometimes, the laughter in the edit suite is infectious - we love to have a good chuckle at other peoples expense and we're not afraid of upsetting the establishment to get the answers we need. If we can't get the news scoop, we'll report the dockside rumours instead!"

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