America's Cup Healthy Ocean Project in Venice

Healthy Ocean Project © ACEA 2012 / Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

The America's Cup family confirmed its commitment to a clean and healthy marine environment through its Healthy Ocean Project in Venice.

On Monday morning, representatives of the teams and the America's Cup organisation joined the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Italy for an activity aimed at safeguarding the Duna Alberoni.

The area is significant for the many species that live there, including a small and rare bird of the family 'Charadriidae' which nests on the coast and lays its eggs in the middle of the sand.

This coastal oasis is protected by the WWF Italy and locally with the collaboration of the regional forestry service, working to ensure ideal conditions for the laying and hatching of eggs.

The America's Cup team worked on a fence aimed at protecting a stretch of beach for this purpose.