The Sydney sessions

Team Australia AC45 - 10/03/2014 - (Photo:Andrea Francolini/Team Australia) image1 Tom Slingsby leads ORACLE TEAM USA during its first training camp in Sydney, Australia. (Photo: Beau Outteridge / ORACLE TEAM USA) image2 Team Australia AC45 - 10/03/2014 - (Photo:Andrea Francolini/Team Australia) image3 Team Australia AC45 - 10/03/2014 - (Photo:Andrea Francolini/Team Australia) image4

Photos, videos and stories from Sydney, where ORACLE TEAM USA and Team Australia are training, are coming online.

ORACLE TEAM USA sailing team manager and tactician Tom Slingsby is enthusiastic about his team's first days on the harbour.

“It’s a great venue. Sailing AC45s in Sydney Harbour hasn’t been done before and it’s an amazing backdrop. We’ve had a couple of great days of training against the new Australian team and it’s been going well.”

Team Australia skipper Mathew Belcher says having an opportunity to train with ORACLE TEAM USA will help the team get off to a running start.

“We’re slowly building our team up,” Belcher says. “There 10 days with Oracle will really give us a chance to get as many sailors into the boat as possible and for myself to come into the team and find out exactly where we are.”

Slingsby says ORACLE TEAM USA has three training camps scheduled over the coming months. “It keeps the team active and sailing together and coming to a place like Sydney Harbour is pretty easy to get motivated for.”

We’ll have more from Mat Belcher and Tom Slingsby as well as some other sailors, over the coming days.

Photos from both team photographers can be seen here

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Videos from both teams are below: