ORACLE TEAM USA's Kirby: "What we did was pretty cool"

Rome Kirby puts his back into his work during training in Sydney. (Photo: Beau Outteridge / ORACLE TEAM USA)

It took about three months. That’s how long Rome Kirby, a trimmer with ORACLE TEAM USA, says it took him to realize what his team had achieved with its comeback win over Emirates Team New Zealand in September.

“It’s only just started to sink in the last couple of months,” he said from Australia where the team is in the midst of its first post-Cup training session. “After the America’s Cup ended there was so much going on, it didn’t really set in until just after Christmas when I finally had some time to slow down and hang out and process it. What we did in San Francisco was really pretty cool. It was a huge comeback and it’s not something I expect to see again.”

Now Kirby and the rest of the sailing team are reconvening for the first time since the win as the sailing crew trains in Sydney.

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