America's Cup Tour STEM program

San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - Asian School Kids visit at the AC Park

STEM Students Summer Seminars

The America’s Cup has always been about pushing the envelope of what’s possible in yacht design, technology, and innovation. As a result, yacht racing is clearly at the forefront of composite construction and engineering.

The Tour is excited to welcome young minds aboard America to explore the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM disciplines) that have fueled the progression and performance of the sport.

State of the Art Composite Structure Engineering

STEM Summer Seminars are designed for students 13 -18 years of age. Students explore the advanced composite technology and engineering behind today’s ultra high performance America’s Cup foiling catamarans. Seminar topics may include:

Advanced Hydrodynamics
Advanced Aerodynamics
Composite construction
Applied physics

Each student participant will also engage in a hands-on composite construction project and go home with a sample of composite material.

For information or to reserve a STEM Summer Seminar at your yacht club or other seaside venue, contact