Defenders & Challengers
1851 - 2017

The America’s Cup is oldest trophy in international sport and dates back to 1851 when the yacht America sailed across the Atlantic to take on the best of the British fleet. 

The trophy won that day was donated through a Deed of Gift to the New York Yacht Club, to be held as a challenge trophy for friendly competition between nations.

Since then the trophy has only been raced for 35 times in the 167 years. To this day the famous quote mentioned to Queen Victoria all those years ago continue to ring true: “There is no Second”

Winners long remembered, the losers often forgotten in time, here is a list of those who have succeeded and those who have failed.

The 36th America’s Cup will see Emirates Team New Zealand attempt to defend the ‘Auld Mug’ against a fleet of exceptionally strong and well resourced challengers in a new AC75 class in Auckland in 2021

Year Defender Country Challenger Country Won By
1851 15 yachts England America USA America
1870 Magic USA Cambria England Magic
1871 Columbia / Sappho USA Livonia England
Columbia / Sappho
1876 Madeleine USA Countess of Dufferin Canada Madeleine
1881 Mischief USA Atalanta Canada Mischief
1885 Puritan USA Genesta England Puritan
1886 Mayflower USA Galatea England Mayflower
1887 Volunteer USA Thistle England Volunteer
1893 Vigilant USA Valkyrie II England Vigilant
1895 Defender USA Valkyrie III England Defender
1899 Columbia USA Shamrock England Columbia
1901 Columbia USA Shamrock II England Columbia
1903 Reliance USA Shamrock III England Reliance
1920 Resolute USA Shamrock IV England Resolute
1930 Enterprise USA Shamrock V England Enterprise
1934 Rainbow USA Endeavour England Rainbow
1937 Ranger USA Endeavour II England Ranger
1958 Columbia USA Sceptre England Columbia
1962 Weatherly USA Gretel Australia Weatherly
1964 Constellation USA Sovereign England
1967 Intrepid USA Dame Pattie Australia Intrepid
1970 Intrepid USA Gretel II Australia Intrepid
1974 Courageous USA Southern Cross Australia
1977 Courageous USA Australia Australia
1980 Freedom USA Australia Australia Freedom
1983 Liberty USA Australia II Australia Australia II
1987 Kookaburra III Australia Stars & Stripes '87 USA
Stars & Stripes '87
1988 Stars & Stripes '89 USA New Zealand Challenge New Zealand
Stars & Stripes
1992 America3 USA Il Moro di Venezia Italy America3
1995 Young America USA Team New Zealand New Zealand
Team New Zealand
2000 Team New Zealand New Zealand Luna Rossa Italy
Team New Zealand
2003 Team New Zealand New Zealand Alinghi Switzerland Alinghi
2007 Alinghi Switzerland Emirates Team New Zealand New Zealand Alinghi
2010 Alinghi  Switzerland BMW Oracle Racing USA BMW Oracle Racing
2013 Oracle Team USA USA Emirates Team New Zealand New Zealand Oracle Team USA
2017 Oracle Team USA USA Emirates Team New Zealand New Zealand Emirates Team New Zealand