Welcome to the America’s Cup support centre:

Please check our Frequently Asked Question, if you can't find an answer please email, a member of the AC support team will be in contact within 24 hours.

Q: Will there be replays available in the app or web?
A: Yes, replays will be published the same day (approx 2.5 hours after racing). To watch race replays you will need to be an AC+ user and have purchased the event. The same territorial content restrictions apply to replays and live content.

Q: I have loaded the app and purchased the event but I don’t see any data or live action.
A: Live broadcast including data for each event will begin 10 minutes prior to the scheduled race start time. For race times, please visit the schedule section of the app or website.

Q: Can I see the practice races?
A: No, only the LIVE RACING will be broadcasted, not the practice races.

Q: I can't find Livestream on the web?
A: You can find it here The same territorial content restrictions apply to live content.

Q: I can't find Replays on the web?
A: You can find it here If you are in a country where replays are blocked you won't be able to see the replay tab. The same territorial content restrictions apply to race replays.

Q: I get a file not found when I try to watch a video on the web?
A: If you are using Safari, please change to Chrome or Firefox, because some security issues on Safari you won't be able to reproduce the video. If you are in a tablet or phone you need to donwload the App.

Q: What does second screen experience mean?
A: You will be able to see four live on board cameras (live only), Virtual Eye (3D Animation) and the live leaderboard. Please note territorial restrictions apply to second screen content in some countries including: New Zealand, Great Britain and France.

Q: Why can’t I see live racing from the AC+ app?
A: Access to live racing depends on broadcast arrangements in your country. Details on what you can view in your country are here:

Q: On which broadcast network can I see the Live Racing?
A: Please click here for detailed information on TV broadcasting corresponding to your local area

Q: Why is AC+ not available on the web in my country?
A: Due to our TV Network partner rights, AC+ is not available for the web in select countries including: The United States, Great Britain, France and New Zealand.

Q: Can I use Chromecast or Airplay to display AC+ content on my TV?
A: Yes, Airplay is available on iOS and Chromecast is available on Android. Chrome cast is not currently available on iOS.

Q: Why does the app need my location?
A: This is used to determine content restrictions in your region.

Q: Can you refund my purchase?
A: Yes it is possible for us to refund your purchase. Please email us with the details of your problem and we will try to help you resolve it before issuing an refund.

Q: Why can't I login to my account?
A: There are two common problems:
- The user name field is case sensitive and on iOS devices the first letter is automatically capitalised. Please always double check this when trying to login.
- Please double check your password is typed correctly. If you have forgotten your password, please tap on the forgotten password link.
In the case that you continue to have issues logging in, please contact AC support for further assistance.

Q: Can I change the email address associated with my AC+ account?
A: Yes this is possible by creating a new AC+ account and then tapping on the “restore purchases” button within the profile purchases page (you can navigate to the profile purchases page by tapping on the AC+ button on the top right hand corner of the app or via the burger menu). This will query your iTunes or Google Play account and transfer the purchases to your new account.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade to a season pass?
A: No, this is not possible.

Q: What connection speed is required to run streaming within the app?
A: The minimum required connection speed is 500 Kbps. At this speed it should be possible to stream AC+ content. Please beware though that your connection speed may vary and cause the stream to buffer or even pause. The ideal connection speed when connected on cellular data is 2 Mbps and on WIFI 6 Mbps for the HD stream. Please note connection speed and quality will vary based on your location and proximity to the AWS Edge network.

Q: What content is available with an AC+ account?
A: AC+ content varies depending on end user location. For users in countries limited to second screen content, you will have access to the following: live leader board, Virtual Eye and in some countries access to onboard cameras. In countries where ACEA does not have a local broadcaster or rights holder, AC+ users are able to purchase access to live racing coverage.

Q: Why does the stream buffer or stop on my device?
A: This is most likely due to a Internet bandwidth issue or poor connectivity between you and your cellular provider.

Q: How do I purchase replays?
A: Sign in or register to access AC+. Then under your profile, select event and purchase the event you wish to watch. Please note availability of AC+ content including replays is subject to territorial restrictions.

Q: Is there an America’s Cup Apple TV app?
A: There isn’t currently an America’s Cup Apple TV app.

Q: Is it possible to chose what push notifications I receive?
A: Not currently.

Q: Why am I no longer able to watch LVACWS Replays?
A: Due to our 2017 rights holder agreements, LVACWS replays are no longer available in some locations including the United States.

Q: What will I get after purchasing? 
A: You will have access to Lives Streaming and all the Race Replays of the pack you purchased. Before buying please read the territorial content restrictions apply to replays and live content. 

Q: What is the turn around time for support requests:
A: During live events best endeavours are made to respond to support requests within 10-20 minutes. In non-live event periods, we aim to respond within 24-48 hours.