Thank You Bermuda

Royal Naval Dockyard (BDA) - 35th America's Cup Bermuda 2017 - Practice racing week for the 35th America's Cup

“Bermuda has been an wonderful home to the 35th America’s Cup and on behalf of everyone associated with these events, I want to say thank you to the people of Bermuda who made our stay here so special.”

A special message from Sir Russell Coutts, CEO of the America’s Cup Event Authority, to the whole of Bermuda, after the nation helped to create arguably the greatest America’s Cup in the prestigious competition’s 166-year existence.

Thank You Bermuda

Renowned for crystal blue water and beautiful pink sand beaches, Bermuda will also now be remembered as the beating heart of the 35th America’s Cup, etching its way into the competition’s history as only the sixth nation to host the iconic event.

From the natural amphitheatre racecourse of the Great Sound, the vibrant America’s Cup Village at the historic Royal Naval Dockyard,and most memorably, its overwhelmingly welcoming, passionate and enthusiastic people, Bermuda helped to stage a truly momentous spectacle and one that will not be forgotten by anyone fortunate enough to have experienced the 35th America’s Cup.

“This is a beautiful island, a brilliant sailing venue and it has given us the platform to stage a truly magnificent America’s Cup, where many thousands came in person, and watched on television in their millions,” added Coutts, five-times winner of the America’s Cup.

“Bermuda delivered in every way. I urge anyone who has not been to Bermuda to visit, where you will fall in love with what we have been privileged to call our home since 2015.”

So from everyone associated with the 35th America’s Cup, THANK YOU Bermuda, we’ll all miss you!