The 35th America’s Cup is managed by two separate and independent organizations – the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) and America’s Cup Race Management (ACRM). Each plays a significant, but different, role in managing the sport.


The America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) has been appointed to manage the commercial rights and benefits, sports-marketing and event operations for the 35th America’s Cup, including the operation of the America’s Cup Event Village and related infrastructure and the production and distribution of the Emmy-award winning America’s Cup television broadcast. ACEA strives to maximize the commercial potential of the 35th America’s Cup for stakeholders while encouraging worldwide growth and interest in the America’s Cup as a premier international sporting event.

ACEA is focused on the commercial aspects of the America’s Cup and is underwritten by the 35th America’s Cup Defender, the Golden Gate Yacht Club, represented by ORACLE TEAM USA. The competitive rules of the America’s Cup are handled by the Regatta Officials and the America’s Cup Competitors, and are beyond the purview of ACEA.

ACEA’s mission for the 35th America’s Cup: “To be widely viewed as an iconic, compelling and innovative sports event, creating exceptional brand value and a sustainable legacy, while inspiring future generations through sailing.”

The CEO of ACEA is Sir Russell Coutts, a five-time winner of the America’s Cup.

ACEA Management
Sir Russell Coutts - Chief Executive Officer
Sam Hollis - Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Thompson - Chief Financial Officer
Dan Barnett - Chief Commercial Officer
Will Chignell - Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Alejandra Mato - PA to Russell Coutts

Rolf Beisswanger - Director of Business Development
Michael Saks - US Commercial Director


ACRM is responsible for managing and administering the sporting side and competitive rules of the 35th America’s Cup (other than rules pertaining to commercial rights and benefits managed by ACEA).

ACRM is headed by the Regatta Director, Iain Murray, who was independently appointed by a majority vote of the Competitors. Iain Murray has established ACRM in consultation with the Competitors to serve as the entity responsible for overseeing the functions of the 35th America’s Cup Regatta Officials. The Regatta Director also chairs the Competitor Forum, where all Competitors participate to discuss and vote on any rule changes or Class Rule amendments.

ACRM is responsible for the on-water management of all 35th America’s Cup racing, including control of the racing course areas as well as ensuring that all races are conducted in a fair, professional and timely manner. ACRM is also responsible for contracting and managing the race umpires, who make all on-water decisions about any infringements under the Racing Rules; as well as the measurers, who ensure that each Competitor’s race yachts are rule compliant for all racing.

As a neutral body focused on fair and balanced competition, every team competing in the 35th America’s Cup is fairly represented in ACRM.

Iain Murray - Regatta Director
Richard Slater - Head of Rules and Umpiring
Ken McAlpine - Chief Measurer
Carlos De Beltran - Measurer
Melanie Roberts - Operations Manager