Planning Your Visit

Nonstop flights to Bermuda arrive daily from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. It is just a 90-minute non-stop flight from New York. From major travel hubs on the U.S. East Coast, you can get out to the island in under 3 hours. From London, it's about a 7-hour flight.

Bermuda is also easily reached by cruise ship or private vessel. For further travel information, visit Bermuda Tourism.
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To book your catamaran travel package, email or visit Helm Events.
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Opening and Closing Times, and Race Schedules
The America’s Cup Village will have a range of opening and closing times, depending on the day.
On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, the America’s Cup Village will provisionally open at 11am and close at 5pm.
On Fridays and Saturdays, the America’s Cup Village will provisionally open at 11am and close at 10pm.
On each day, racing is scheduled to run between 2pm and 5pm, except for 7th and 8th June when the America’s Cup Village will provisionally open at 10am and close at 5pm as racing will start on those two days at 12pm, not 2pm.

America’s Cup Village Facilities and Activities
The America’s Cup Village will be the hub of all the action throughout the 35th America’s Cup. The six America’s Cup team bases will be situated around the site, a range of local food and beverage options will be available every day, and the Main Stage will be where the sailors competing each day will be presented to the crowds in the traditional Dock-Out Show.

A dedicated kids zone will be the perfect place to let the little ones play, and a range of America’s Cup Partner activations will give the whole family activities to do all day. The racecourse finish line will be right in front of the America’s Cup Village and all the action will be visible on big screens across the site. Finally, for fans who want to show which team they support, a full range of merchandise will be on sale in the dedicated America’s Cup Village merchandise area.

In short, The America’s Cup Village will be the place to be in May and June 2017!

Transport to and from the America’s Cup Village
A range of transport options will be in place to help fans reach the America’s Cup Village.

Taking a ferry to and from the America’s Cup Village will be the easiest way to reach the heart of the action in May and June 2017. Detailed ferry schedules will be published in due course, outlining the options for travelling to the two drop off / pick up points at the Dockyard Ferry Terminal and the America’s Cup Village.

Park & Ride:
Parking spaces at the official event Park & Ride faciity will be available for purchase in advance through a dedicated webpage, with the cost including shuttle services to and from the Transport Hub (located a short distance from the America’s Cup Village). Further details to be shared in due course.

Taxi / Bus:
Numerous bus and taxi options will be available throughout the 35th America’s Cup, taking fans from points all over Bermuda straight to the Transport Hub.

Water Shuttle / Land Shuttle services:
Some guest accommodations in Bermuda are organizing their own shuttle services for their guests. Please speak directly to individual guest accommodations to find out what services are being provided.

Parking on site on the day will not be available. If you are coming by public transport on the roads, there will be a transport hub just before the entrance into Dockyard at which taxis, minibuses, coaches and buses will drop off and pick up passengers. There will be no public parking in Dockyard or at the America’s Cup Village. Further details will be shared in due course.

Safety and Security 
The safety and security of all visitors to the America’s Cup is of paramount importance. Screening and bag checks will be in place before visitors enter the America’s Cup Village and all staff will be thoroughly briefed on the emergency plans that have been put in place by all the relevant authorities.

The 35th America’s Cup Schedule 
The full schedule for the 35th America’s Cup is here. The participants in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger Play-Offs (noted in the schedule as Teams A, B, C and D) will be determined at the conclusion of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers on Saturday 3rd June.

Racing Cancellation
Sail racing does rely on the right wind conditions, so there may be occasions when the wind is too light or too heavy to race. Even if it is not possible to race, the America’s Cup Village will remain open and no refunds or exchanges for another day will be given.